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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Outdated Me

THE TYPEWRITER : Idati Malek on Thursday, July 01, 2010

Last day in June 2010
11.59 pm.
Room condition: Terrible
Causes by: The Craziest Laziness
Mood: Original Fake in Sad. Supa doopa happy.
Quotes: what the fish or what the fishmonger?
Silly me walking down to town in the most outdated attire I ever had.  Look cool, but more to stup**. Lame!
Sitting on the floor, it doesn’t mean I’m a beggar. I hate the most when we sitting on the corridor, and the others play jokes by acting like I’m the most pity beggar on the earth who desperate for their 10 cents. 10 cents in their pockets, full of dust. And candies wrappers.
It is outdated jokes, so make it disappear, because I hate it. Damn hate IT.
Motorola C650. Still with me. Its charger already ‘die’ and I can’t find other of it. The only words that I get from the shopkeeper are “This is an OUTDATED model. We don’t have it anymore”. Come on. Derr.
Again. I’m the outdated.
If there are so lame of having the outdated stuff, why would the world praise the antique one? Maybe my Motorola c650 will be an antique phone one day. Shut up the shopkeeper!

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