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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Happiest Moment

THE TYPEWRITER : Idati Malek on Tuesday, October 25, 2011
i can't really show other people what's on my mind; what am I thinking about the happiest moment in my life. there are bunch of happiness everywhere and then. i'm not a good writer either.

little did I know; i would end like thousands of happiness. so when a question pop up saying ; what's your happiest moment? I can't tell. I desperately looking in the past, and peeking into the future. I'm speechless.

what past is past. so why don't I just try to write about the happiest moment I wish to have in future instead of past moment. to have picture in future; impossible in naked eyes, real possible in minds. so here is my picture and my dream on it.

happy photography -my niece & nephew
I'm 21, not married yet. kids, they are naturally photogenic. we don't have to ask them to give hottest pose , they just act naturally - you got it!  This picture resembles my future happiest moment.

Photography not only transported you back in time;
it can make you peek the upcoming days.

my happiest moment dream - to get married, have a family, and seeing my kids grown up to be better persons than me. I wish to love all people in my family full-heartedly without division. the reason I put my niece and nephew picture is in wishing to have cheerful and bright kids like them.

and seeing them grow up and be a better person, that will be good enough. That'll be my becoming happiest moment. In order to capture the happiest moment of my life, the best camera is I need most.

suddenly I'm throwing back into the past.

if I have this 12 years ago, I would captured the top secret happiest moment of mine that is, having Yayai by my side.
Because at that time, I feel Yayai is the only one who loves me the most.

That's Yayai. My beloved cat. and it's already gone.

Still remain in the capture of my memories.

*actually i don't write much in English. this time i'm trying.

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