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Friday, October 5, 2012

pil ajaib

THE TYPEWRITER : Idati Malek on Friday, October 05, 2012
lately kebergantungan kepada pil ajaib terlalu tinggi. even dr rohi said it is not a magic bullet, but still aku yang dependent padanya. kesan magis.

2 weeks passed by. friends have gone somewhere. i'm may be on my journey to experience the most scene i'd never dreaming off. entah lah. when you become too dependent to med, u may experience character swing. like bipolar.

most of the time, aku macam tak faham apa yang aku buat. macam satu jasad tapi dua pemikiran. while the other character done something stupid, the other one only can watch without doing anything.
i hope the nice character come out often. cause the stupid one, aku sendiri pun tak tau datang dari mana. *tak salah mengata diri sendiri bodoh kan?*

it's totally depressing for time being.

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