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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Let's MANGO tango guys!

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Hello people!

Today, let's talk about MANGO!


If this what you're looking sorry guys..hik2.

but err you know i'm a bit disaster in this. hehehe >.< I don't know where to start, what to buy, what to wear and when to wear. That's quite pathetic for a 24 year old woman..pheww...woman tuu..

Here's what I'm talking!


Again? ...

You's not Mango fruit, but it's Mango fashion..(cakaplah awal2 kan takde la aku salah pahammm derr) memang saja buat korang lapar tengok gambar mangga.

Mango is actually a popular brand known by the ladies all around the world as the brand offers a wide range of fashion items from head-to-toe. Especially for those who always do online shopping, they'll definitely know this brand! (like me and my friend :p). Heyyy, who doesn't love online shopping? you tell me now..

Well, women who lay their eyes upon Mango collection will definitely fall in love with them at first sight. From dresses, outerwear, jeans, tops and handbags, Mango never fails to provide their customers with the latest trends in the industry. In short, if you're updated with the Mango collections, u will not fall behind the fashion. It's cool right?

For the ladies who love the designs of Mango clothing, there are three great looks which they can pull together; based on the occasion you're attending of course.

Jengjeng! *insert fireworks here*


1. Career Women
Nowadays, almost every lady is a career woman, including me! Sometimes we get stuck when choosing suitable attire. Especially when we suddenly have meeting with important client or have to attend a formal occasion related to work. OMG!OMG!OMG! What to wear? I don't have anything to wear! (typical ladies..heheh)

Don't worry, Mango offers a fantastic collection of work attire for the career ladies to flaunt at work (pheww~~selamat!) With stylish blazer jackets, trendy shirts, skirts and sleek pants, women can create a professional yet sophisticated appearance with confidence. Step into the office wearing Mango lovely clothes and impress the others around you. Yeahh! Everybody falls in love with youuuu.... (advantage if you have secret admire in office :P)

2. Elegant Lady
Meanwhile, as a women, we can also switch those formal wears into something more elegant. Takde lah bosan kan hari-hari nampak serius je..sesekali nak elegant jugak kan?

Mango blouses and shirts are perfect to wear to not only the office but also to various occasions as well. Whether to a dinner party, weddings, a date or even family gatherings. You just have to match those wonderful Mango tops with a nice pair of pants or skirts for a complete feminine appearance. Reveal that ladylike personality and have head turns during the entire day. This is the time to show everybody that you have great sense of fashion! Thanks to Mango for realizing my dreams sobsobsobsob terharu I!

3. Casual Chic
Weekends? What to wear? Don't tell me I have to wear my office attire to my date! *pity me*
Again, don't worry! For the ladies who are off duty during the weekends, Mango casual collection is a definite must-have. (Yey!)

Mango trendy t-shirts can be matched with Mango jeans to be worn on your day out.(They are lovely, have you check them out??) Go out with friends or run your errands in Mango casual wear and feel confident every step you make. You go girl!

Here's a good news! Interested ladies who cannot wait to try out these three lookbook ideas can check out ZALORA as they offer an extensive Mango online for women collection at the best affordable price.

Oh..for your info, many hijabista blogger also wear MANGO ! This is a proof that MANGO also suitable for us sisters! Have fun with your MANGO shopping k!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Attention to all UNEMPLOYED degree graduates!

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Attention to all unemployed graduates!

Did you face all these situations?

·         Just started job-hunting after graduation

·         Do not know the correct resume format

·         My resume is not favourable by companies. What is wrong with them?

·         I only copy-paste my resume from friends and internet

·         Already sent like 1000 applications but still no answers

·         All jobs need experience, but I only have internship experience!

·         My hometown does not have job opportunities for fresh graduates!

·         I do not know how to start my first job!

·         I messed up during interview for being too nervous

·         All of the above

Here are 2 GOLDEN CHANCES for all! The choice is yours to make!

1 – Resume Workshop Course by Mr.  Hans Toh (Certified Professional Resume Writer & Certified Interview Coach)

2 – Interview session with companies from 3 sectors (FMCG, Hospitality & Tourism); Priority will be given to potential GEMS 2.0 candidates

(Interviews are based on Graduate Employability Management Scheme Program (GEMS 2.0).

Criteria needed for GEMS 2.0 Programme:

1)      Unemployed degree graduates from 6 months until 18 months after completion of study (final semester)

2)      Graduate from LOCAL university only

3)      Non JPA scholar

4)      Age 27 and below

5)      CGPA 2.5 and above

6)      Job experiences from 0 – 3 months (for degree level)

7)      Want to be hired immediately in 3 sectors (FMCG, Hospitality & Tourism) for degree level

For more details, please refer the poster or contact us at 03 – 2106 5431 during office hour (9 am - 6 pm).

Interested to join? Please fill in the form HERE!

Thank you.

Trend Fresh Graduate Degree Malaysia

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Maafkan aku jika berkata begini, tapi aku tak rasa bias pun sebab aku juga fresh graduates.

trend sekarang.


habis degree. contoh bulan 6. bulan 10 konvo. bulan 11 sampai 5 cari kerja tak jumpa sampai give up.
penyelesaian sambung master.

so, habis master buat ape plak?